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LANDETA PARK parque landeta

Landeta Park covers a little more than 35 hectares to the east of the Botanical Garden, on both sides of the historical Las Colonias Reservoir. The land belongs to the municipality but was not used for any particular purpose until 1993, when it was granted to the Charco del Ingenio in order to create and develop an ecological and recreational park, much needed by the city of San Miguel de Allende. Since 2005, the park has been integrated into the Ecological Preservation Zone of the Charco del Ingenio, created by a municipal accord, in order to better protect its dry scrubland and wetland ecosystems.

The agreement between the municipality and El Charco del Ingenio AC was terminated in 2009 in order to hand the park over to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM): 5 hectares as donation, for the creation of a Center for Multidisciplinary Research, and 28 hectares on a lease agreement, in order to maintain continuity of the ecological and recreational park project initiated by the Botanical Garden. The presence of an institution as prestigious as UNAM in Parque Landeta, with the environmental research projects that it proposes to develop, offers broad new possibilities not only for the area under its management but also for the Botanical Garden and the educational, social and economic development of San Miguel de Allende.

parque landeta

During the 15 years of managing the Park, the Botanical Garden built a basic infrastructure: fences, gates, signs, plazas, picnic areas, roads for vehicles and paths for hikers. We have likewise carried out the work of clearing, conservation of soils, improving of the condition of the vegetation and protection of plant and animal wildlife. Several thousand trees have been planted over the years, and the native plants of the area have recovered surprisingly well. The constant vigilance within the park has made it safe for users, inhibiting vandalism and the proliferation fires, which are so devastating for the ecosystem. The Municipal Plant Nursery is also located within the park, as well as a plant for the treatment of waste-water through artificial wetland technology (in construction).

Historically, the park has been a place that local people use for walks and picnics, especially in the meadows and along the banks of the Las Colonias Reservoir. In recent years, the area has become a community-oriented space, being the site of a large popular celebration that takes place every year at the beginning of July: the Fiesta de la Santa Cruz (Festival of the Holy Cross) of the Charco del Ingenio.

Diverse environmental education activities take place in Parque Landeta, carried out by the Charco del Ingenio nonprofit organization and by PEASMA (Environmental Education Program of San Miguel de Allende), particularly on  special days such as Earth Day (April 22) and World Environment Day (June 5).

parque landeta

Unlike the Botanical Garden, admission to Parque Landeta is free - only vehicles must pay for access. The park can be entered from the Botanical Garden, and, like the garden, it is open every day from sunrise to sunset. Due to its topography, less extreme than El Charco, it is an ideal place to walk, run, do exercises, mountain-biking and horseback riding. Dogs are allowed off-leash, except in the areas in which aquatic birds gather and nest - where their flocks can be easily observed. It is also a very good place for strolls and family gatherings.


parque landeta



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