From the initial rescue of El Charco canyon –threatened by the fast urban sprawl of San Miguel—and the creation of the Botanical Garden, the site has experienced main changes. It became since then a place devoted to preserve its natural resources as well as a wide collection of succulent plants coming from various regions of Mexico.

In order to share and sustain the non-profit prior mission of environmental conservancy, research and education, this exceptional site has been promoted as an alternate tourist destination as well as a community gathering resource for local and resident population. Based on the traditional culture of the region, El Charco permanently holds environmental education programs and activities, mainly aimed at young people and directed to create a culture of respect and care towards Nature.

This community initiative quickly gained recognition from the local population and different national and international institutions. And it has been little by little accepted by the successive local governments, culminating with the declaration of a wide area around the preserve as Ecological Preservation Zone.