Along with their primary mission of study and conservation of natural resources, the botanical garden is a space open to all sectors of local community as well as visitors from abroad. Talks, courses, workshops, guided visits, meetings, astronomical observations, contests, concerts, dances, ceremonies and various festivities take place continuously, a reflection of the dynamic and multicultural society of San Miguel de Allende.

A main part of El Charco’s activities is focused on environmental education through various activities that take place on significant dates, summer courses, and ongoing programs. The Environmental Education Program of San Miguel de Allende (PEASMA, for its initials in Spanish) is an initiative headed by the Save the Children Foundation, which has worked closely with El Charco since 2002 (video: All these programs combine values and practices of popular culture with alternative technologies, and are mainly directed toward school-aged children and youth from San Miguel. They find in El Charco reasons and techniques for environmental conservation, participating in the buildup of a new culture of care and sustainable use of natural resources.

Among the forms of creative expression that different artists put together in El Charco, Land Art stands out, taking place every year at the beginning of the Winter and exhibiting ingenious works and installations using natural elements from the site. Besides, a Trail of Sculptures located by the Four Winds Plaza is in process of creation, aiming to permanently exhibit sculptural works from relevant artists, within a natural and inspiriting landscape.