This is the primary ceremonial and scenic gathering place of the Botanical Garden, designed by architect Enrique Pliego. From here one can see the three distinct habitats of the conservation area: the dry scrubland, the canyon and the wetlands. Parts of Parque Landeta are also visible. And on the horizon, in all directions, are the silhouettes of the surrounding mountain ranges: La Margara, Los Picachos and Santa Rosa.
The Plaza, built with inlaid colored stones, is a ceremonial space inspired by the 16th century Chichimeca-Toltec codex. Four outer circles indicate the four cardinal directions and the corresponding figures evoke the four natural resources (earth, water, flora and fauna) in traditional pre-Columbian colors. The central circle represents the sun at the moment that it is covered by the moon … in honor of the solar eclipse of 1991, the date upon which the Botanical Garden was founded and the Holy Cross of El Charco del Ingenio dedicated. This plaza is the gathering place for indigenous communities of San Miguel during the annual festival of the Holy Cross that is celebrated every July.