El Charco preserve is furrowed by an ample network of pathways. Besides offering magnificent landscapes, these are environmental interpretation trails which allow us to discover and enjoy natural life in the site. The main trails are:

Regional Plants Trails. They contain a display of trees, shrubs and cacti from our semi-arid region, mostly native to the Botanical Garden. These pathways likewise offer an exceptional view on the wetlands of Las Colonias reservoir, as well as the Northern zone of El Charco. They lead to the Garambullo Plaza, the Conservatory and displays of Mexican plants and the Science Center & Nursery of the Botanical Garden, giving also access to Parque Landeta.

Wetlands Trails. Along these pathways and through trees and shrubs on both shores of the reservoir, merge a rich wildlife sanctuary. During the fall and winter months, visitors can observe populations of resident and migratory birds on a beautiful landscape. These birds find shelter, food and nesting conditions among the reeds and other vegetation on the banks of the reservoir and vegetated islands that were created for that reason.

Canyon Trails. There are two scenic trails on the southern side of the canyon, one high and the other low, from which the majestic stone formations of the natural monument can be viewed. Cacti and other plants cling to the cliff walls and outcroppings, and from the bottom of the ravine emerge groves of trees. An interesting variety of native ferns and other plants grow on the sides of the trails. One can also observe canyon birds and sometimes mammals and reptiles. From certain points on the paths, it is possible to see below the legendary pool that gave its name to the site: El Charco del Ingenio.

Scenic Overlooks to the West. The canyon paths continue into a wooded area with panoramic vistas to the west. The high cliff walls of the canyon gradually open out to reveal, among rocky outcrops covered with lichen, a broad vista that includes the Obraje reservoir, the city of San Miguel spreading out from the foot of the hillside, the great Laja River Valley and the Guanajuato mountain range on the distant horizon. This view is particularly beautiful towards sunset.

The Northern Preserve. Across the reservoir dam you can access several trails furrowing this large natural area located on the opposite side of the canyon and wetlands. Important part of the Botanical Garden, it is an area mostly dedicated to conservancy of local biodiversity. Walking these trails you may appreciate the natural restoration process of the ecosystem, as well as enjoy outstanding vistas over San Miguel and its faraway landscapes.