REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS - Raúl Hernández   2007


according to Mexican Environmental Agency:
Pr = protected, T = threatened

End = Endemism:
E1. = Endemic with exclusive distribution in the Mexican Altiplano
E2. = Endemic with wide distribution throughout Mexico
Ex. = Extra-territoria


Family / Species Common name RC End
Hyla arenicolor (Cope, 1866) Canyon Treefrog   Ex
Hyla eximia (Baird, 1854) Mountain Treefrog   Ex
Gerrhonotus liocephalus (Wiegman, 1828) Texas Alligator Lizard Pr Ex
Sceloporus grammicus (Wiegman, 1828) Mesquite Lizard Pr Ex
Sceloporus spinosus (Wiegman, 1828) Spiny Lizard   [E1]
Sceloporus dugesi (Smith, 1937) Green Mesquite Lizard   [E1]
Aspidocelis gularis (Baird y Girard, 1852) Texas Spotted Whiptail   Ex
Masticophis flagellum (Shaw, 1802) Coachwhip Snake A Ex
Masticophis schoti (Camper & Dixon, 1994) Striped Whipsnake   Ex
Pituophis deppei (Dumeril, 1853) Mexican Bullsnake A [E2]
Lampropeltis triangulum (Garman, 1884) Red Kingsnake A Ex
Hypsiglena torquata (G√ľnther, 1860) Night Snake   Ex
Trimorphodon tau (Cope, 1870) Mexican Lyre Snake   [E2]
Thamnophis cyrtopsis (Kenniocott, 1860) Black-necked Garter Snake A Ex
Thamnophis melanogaster canescens (Smith, 1942) Black-bellied Garter Snake    
Micrurus fulvius (Kenniocott, 1860) Texan Coral Snake Pr Ex
Crotalus molossus (Baird & Girard, 1853) Black-tailed Rattlesnake Pr Ex
Kinosternon integrum (Le Conte, 1824) Mexican Mud Turtle Pr [E2]
Analysis of the Taxonomic List:
Number of Species Registered: 18; 2 Amphibians and 16 Reptiles.
Number of Families Registered: 8, 1 Amphibian family and 7 Reptile families
Number of Genera Registered: 13, 1 Amphibian genus and 12 Reptile genera
Most Represented Family: Colubridae, with 8 species
Number of Endemic Species: 5: 3 with exclusive distribution in the
Mexican Altiplano, 3 with wide distribution throughout Mexico
Number of Species in the NOM 059 (Mexican Environmental Agency): 9;
4 Threatened and 5 under Special Protection