The Agavaceae family is well represented (some 90 species). Commonly known as maguey or century plants, they have popular commercial applications using their juice (aguamiel, pulque and distilled drinks) and their fibers (ixtle, mecates - a type of thick twine). A large part of this collection is exhibited in the new Agave Garden, next to the Conservatory.

Foto Patricia Lagarde, Historias de un Jardín charco del ingenio Ed. Santillana (derecha y arriba) y Doug Hunt

Other botantical families in the collection are Zamiaceae, Bombacaceae and  Nolinaceae. Of the latter, a number of rescued specimens are notable, such as Calibanus hookerii and Dasylirion quadrangulatum, as well as the native ritual plant Dasylirion acrotriche, known as cucharilla or chimal.